MOU — Minutes of Usage

ARPU — Average Revenue Per User

GPON — Gigabit Passive Optical Network

3G — 3rd Generation

4G — 4th Generation

5G — 5th Generation

LTE — Long-Term Evolution

TDD — Time Division Duplex

FDD — Frequency Division Duplex

M2M — Machine-To-Machine

SaaS — Software as a Service

HSPA+ — High Speed Packet Access Plus

MVNO — Mobile Virtual Network Operator

CDMA — Code Division Multiple Access

GSM — Global System for Mobile Communications

Wi-Fi — Wireless Fidelity

UMTS — Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

VAS — Value Added Services

IoT network (Internet of Things Networks) a number of autonomous physical devices connected to a single network via digital communication channels

NB-IoT (NarrowBand Internet of Things) is one of the IoT standards developed by 3GPP consortium

LTE-M (Long Term Evaluation for Machines) — one of the IoT standards developed by 3GPP consortium

3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) — an international consortium developing mobile telephony specifications

e-Health (Electronic Health, eHealth): implementation of public health functions using information and telecommunication technologies

m-Health (Mobile Health, mHealth): performing health functions using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)

VR (Virtual Reality): a realistic simulation of the environment created using information technologies and imitating the immersion of the user into it

AR (Augmented Reality, Changed Reality): human-perceived combination of the real world and virtual elements created by computer tools

SDN (Software-Defined Network): data network where network management functions are implemented at the software level and are independent of the hardware solution

NFV (Network Function Virtualization): network architecture concept that involves the use of virtual machines without connection to specialized equipment

BBA — Broadband Access

FOCL — Fiber Optic Communication Line

OIBDA — Operating Income Before Depreciation and Amortization

CAPEX — CAPital EXpenditure

Moscow Stock Exchange – the largest stock exchange holding in Russia and Eastern Europe

NYSE — New York Stock Exchange, USA

Bank of Russia — Central Bank of the Russian Federation

SEC — The United States Securities and Exchange Commission, USA

ADR — American Depository Receipts

IFRS — International Financial Reporting Standards

RAS — Russian Accounting Standards

CSR — Corporate Social Responsibility