MTS Brand

According to the annual assessment of the brands of the largest companies in the world, conducted by the leading consulting company in the field of brand finance strategy and brand valuation, Brand FinanceMore information at the website
Brand Finance’s brand value ratings have been approved by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) as part of the Marketing Metrics Audit Protocol (MMAP), a formal process to verify the relationship between marketing assessment and financial performance.
, in the Brand Finance - in 2019, MTS was the leader among Russian telecom and IT companies and is the ninth most valuable brand in Russia

TOP 10 most valuable brands
2019 2018 2017
Sberbank 1 1 1
Gazprom 2 2 2
Lukoil 3 3 3
Rosneft 4 4 4
Russian Railways 5 5 7
Magnit 6 6 5
VTB 7 7 8
Tatneft 8 9 10
RUB 121.502
RUB 114.532
RUB 93.110
Novatek 10 13 11

Brand Finance also annually determines the relative strength of brands using a balanced scorecard (Brand Strength Index (BSI)) which measures marketing investments, net worth, and business performance. In 2019, according to this indicator, MTS was fourth among Russian companies and first in the telecom sector.

MTS is also one of the ten strongest Russian brands and in 2019 once again came fourth in the brand strength ratings. A brand’s strength is assessed using a balanced system of indicators (the Brand Strength Index (BSI)), which takes into consideration the businesses marketing investments, capital and efficiency.

In the Brand finance 2020 rankings of telecom companies, MTS is in 56th place by brand value and 2nd place by brand strength, beating other Russian telecom brands.