History of the Company

1993 MTS company was founded by the fixed-line communication operator MGTS, Deutsche Telekom, and Siemens companies and other investors.
1994 Launch of services in the Moscow licensed territory.
1997 Start of regional expansion in Russia.
2000 IPO on NYSE exceeded $ 350 million to finance expansion in Russia and CIS countries.
2001 In August, the company’s subscriber base exceeded 2 million users.
2002 Expansion in CIS and launch of operations in Belarus.
2003 Acquisition of UMS, leading Ukrainian mobile operator.
2004 Purchase of Uzdunrobita company, No. 1 mobile operator in Uzbekistan.
2005 Acquisition of VSP, mobile operator No. 1 in Turkmenistan.
2006 Deep Company re-branding.
2007 Acquisition of VtVaCelL, the leading Armenian mobile operator.
2008 Conclusion of a strategic partnership with Vodafone. Obtaining a license for construction of UMTS network in Russia.
2009 Start of development of MTS mono-brand retail chain (RTC CJSC).
2010 Purchase of a number of regional BBA and CTV operators, start of consolidation of MTS fixed assets. Suspension of operation in Turkmenistan. Launch of the first LTE network in the CIS in Uzbekistan.
2011 Signing of a memorandum with Scartel, participation in the Union of Telecommunications Operators LTE. Conclusion of Komstar-OTS acquisition by MTS.
2012 Obtaining frequencies and the federal license for provision of communication services of LTE standard in Russia, launch of home network in Moscow.
Acquisition of Taskom CJSC. Resumption of activity in Turkmenistan, connection of about 1 million subscribers by the end of the year.
Signing of indicative offer with MTS Bank and Sistema JSFC on acquisition of 25.095% of the authorized capital in MTS-Bank OJSC.
Suspension of operations in Uzbekistan.
2013 Conclusion of an agreement between Altimo, MTS, Nomihold Security Inc. and other related parties on settlement of disputes as to investments in Bitel LLC, former largest mobile communication operator in Kyrgyzstan.
Approval of new revision of MTS dividend policy.
2014 Presentation of new 3D strategy with the main focuses on Data, Differentiation and Dividends.
2015 Strategic partnership with Vodafone in Ukraine, MTS Ukraine re-branding.
2016 Entering the market of tower infrastructure lease: creation of new business for management and further monetization of assets.
2017 Entrance to promising markets: market of cloud services for large business, services for cloud processing of large data arrays, launch of own IoT-platform for deployment of Internet of Things at enterprises, etc.
2018 Development of the digital ecosystem for customers within implementation of MTS digital-strategy.
2019 Approval of a new business strategy until 2022, focused on creating a digital ecosystem based on the main telecommunications business, continuation of investment in promising growing areas.