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MTS Telecom

  • Mobile communications market leader
  • Top 3 Russian BBA operators, the market leader in Moscow
  • Top 5 Russian pay-TV operators
At the end of 2019, the number of MTS mobile subscribers in Russia increased 79.1 million subscribers
by 1.4% and amounted
In 2019 Belarus Armenia Russia
Population, million people 9.5 3.0 146.7
Subscribers, million 5.6 2.2 79.1
Penetration, % 127 128 178
Market share, % 47 58 30
Russia, subscribers 2018 2019 Change, 2019/2018 Share of subscribers, %
MTS million 78.0 79.1 1.4 30%
MegaFon million 75.2 75.2 0.0 29%
VimpelCom million 55.3 54.6 - 0 .6 21%
T2 RTC Holding million 42.3 44.6 2.3 17%
Others (“Motive,” “Tattelecom,” MVNO-operators) million 5.0 7.2 2.3 3%
Total 255.7 260.7 5.0 100%
Largest Russian BBA operators, 2019
Top 3 Russian BBA operators, the market leader in Moscow

The structure of the Russian BBA market, 2019

BBA market structure by subscribers %
BBA market structure by revenue, %
BBA market structure by subscribers, %
BBA market structure by revenue, %

Market structure by operators, 2019

By subscribers, %
By income, %
Source: TMT Consulting
The structure of the Moscow pay-TV subscriber base by operators
Source: companies’ data, assessments by TMT Consulting

MTS Retail

  • Largest retail
  • Online store
At the end of 2019, the number of MTS outlets amounted to 5,700
2019 rating of the Top 100See more on the website largest Russian stores in terms of online sales by the end of 2019.
24/100 place
electronics and appliances

MTS Finance

  • Banking and financial services, MTS Bank
  • Financial services and applications

MTS Bank See more on the website

Position in Russia in the region
Net assets 41 (+4) 32 (+3)
Net profit 47 (-19) 35 (-12)
Capital (on Form 123) 34 (+8) 28 (+7)
Loan portfolio 39 (+6) 31 (+6)
Overdue debt in the loan portfolio 33 (-2) 25 (-1)
Deposits by individuals 29 (+8) 22 (+7)
Investment in securities 40 (-2) 51 (-2)
As of December 2019, MTS Bank among Russian banks, according to Franck Research and Banki.ru, takes:
37 place in terms of capital value
41 place in terms of assets
5 place place in terms of granting POS loans
29 place in terms of household deposits
5 place in terms of POS lending portfolio value
13 place in terms of credit card portfolio value


  • System integrator
  • Cloud & digital solutions provider
  • DPC (Data Processing Center)
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • OTT applications
NVision Group (by revenue)
Largest Russian IT companies 2018
19 place
Largest IT providers for banks 2018
13 place
Largest Russian companies in the field of information security 2019
30 place
Largest providers of IT for carrier operators 2019
3 place
MTS Cloud Business: #CloudMTS, IT-GRAD, 1cloud
The volume of data stored and processed in the MTS clouds increased by
3.5 times
Largest IaaS providers in Russia 2019
2 place
MTS is a member of the AI-Russia Alliance implemented AI-based projects: robots being customer service specialists, Norma virtual lawyer.
MTS is a member of the Big Data Association of Russia (BAD).

MTS Media

Development of the strategic direction of the Group’s media assets and entertainment products of the Company’s digital ecosystem. Сontrol over MTS Group’s business in the field of television broadcasting in all environments

market share by pay-TV subscribers
market share by pay-TV income
market share by pay-TV subscribers in Moscow
~4 mln
users of paid video content (OTT, IPTV, Satellite)
development of own MTS TV multimedia platform

MTS Entertainment

Group business management in the field of entertainment and evelopment of related services, strategic development of assets in this segment

Ticketland and Ponominal ticket services
of the market
MTS Afisha portal and app
MTS Live Arena and other projects

Overview of the Economic Situation and Market Development

Russia: Economic Trends

The volume of the Russian telecommunications market in 2019, according to TMT Consulting, increased by 2.1% compared to the previous year and amounted to 1.73 trillion rubles. The decrease in growth rate was primarily due to the slowdown in the mobile communications market. Forming 57% of all telecommunications revenues, it is this market that determines the dynamics of the industry. Other negative factors were the slowdown in the fast-growing pay-TV market and the steadily high rate of decline in revenues in the fixed-line telephone and inter-operator services markets.

The traditional business of telecommunications companies is gradually becoming a thing of the past, setting new challenges for operators and opening up opportunities for growth. The main trend of the industry is transformation as a necessity and a need for a digital economy.

Our future is directly related to such concepts as the Internet of Things, cloud services, Big Data, mobile finance, artificial intelligence, OTT services, etc. Successful steps taken today in industries related to the telecommunications business or in new areas of business will help maintain the Company’s leadership in the new digital world.

The prospects for the Russian telecommunications market for the next 10 years (according to GSMA Intelligence research GSMA Intelligence Mobile Economy Russia and the CIS 2019, GSMA Intelligence Consumer Survey 2018.) are as follows.

  • In 2021, 4G will become the leading mobile technology.
  • The share of 5G connections will be approximately one fifth of all connections in 2025.
  • The use of mobile services on a regular basis will increase: for access to entertainment content (especially video), e-commerce (most often using contactless payment technology) and other digital services in areas such as health and education.
  • The number of unique mobile communication subscribers will not change significantly due to high penetration rate.
  • A steady level of revenue is expected until operators begin to more effectively monetize the significant growth in data traffic and generate revenue from new channels.

Competitive Situation

Today, there are four federal operators in the Russian mobile communications market:

  • MegaFon PJSC,
  • VimpelCom PJSC (VEON Ltd), and
  • T2 RTC Holding LLC (a combined operator of Rostelecom PJSC and Tele2).

Several regional telecommunications companies and virtual network operators (MVNO) occupy around 4.5% of the market.

Other Markets

CIS countries as of the end of 2019: >125% — penetration of mobile telecom services.

  • Republic of Armenia (MTS Armenia CJSC) — 2.2 million subscribers; main competitor — Veon Armenia CJSC (trademark Beeline).
  • Republic of Belarus (Mobile TeleSystems JLLC is not consolidated into the financial statements of MTS Group) — 5.6 million subscribers; main competitors — Velcom and BeSt CJSC (brand life:)).